New Recess Little League!

Recess loves working with organic profiles and rounded yo-yos. From the First Base, to Joyride, to Vacation, they’re always looking for new ways to play with their favorite yo-yo shape. This time, they went tiny - The Little League!

Organic shapes really are some of the best. They feel comfortable in your hand, perform tricks from all generations equally well, and have a great aesthetic. The Little League takes all the curvy fun from a full size organic yo-yo and compacts it down to an undersized pocket-friendly frame. It’s nimble, fast, and fun with plenty of spin power and stability to get through your toughest tricks.

Featuring a small size, small price, and big performance, the Little League is a great addition to any collection!


So it’s an undersized metal Joyride, which is in turn a metal First Base?


For $45 it’s whatever you want it to be. :wink:


That’s What She Said

Well I want it to be titanium with depleted uranium rings…

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