New Pics!!!! New prices, In The Mail, and lots of trading cards, string for sale


CLYW Gnarwhal sour apple colorway $85
YoYoFactory Yuuksta rare color way $60 gone
YoYoFactory CZM8 AKA Check Mate not for sale
C3yoyodesign Trident $75
Adegle PSG almost new not for sale gone
YoYoFactory Gfunk $30 comes with box
YoYoJam Dark Magic 2 with polished rims not for sale gone
YoYoFactory Velocity $12
Damage shown below on all throws
Have boxes for some of my throws
Also have a lot of trading cards and signed ones to
G-String Dragon Tails have 8 left and pre looped $6
Bahama Kendama Only For TRADE for other kendamas
Have Lots of goodies to throw in as seen below
Not Pictured: Have some brand new Blueprint that is pink and will sell 10 for $4
A word about my prices is that add $3 for shipping and a %3 charge for paypal

Wants: just offer I don’t bite
I will be taking offers for what’s in the mail
In the Mail: Crucial Pulsefire, YoYoFactory Popstar, YoYoFactory Severe


The LUbe is not an extra


more pics


more pics














just got better pics on everything





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