New One Drop Yoyo Coming Soon!


Is that the new proto that was shown off at one drop or is it the CODE1

This is not the CODE1

I see the smile train.
I see Daniel Dietz.


It’s called the Jesus Stomp and it’s Graeme’s signature yoyo.


speaking of one drop, any1 selling RSM?

Haha, funny video. I’m curious to find out… I hope more info comes soon.

Oh yeah, One Drop said a yoyo named the Smile Train and it would make sense if it was Daniel Dietz signature throw because he smiles all the time!

Naw. Daniel yoyoed for a foundation called Smile Train.

…“This is the One Drop Pwnage…and this is Graeme Steller’s signature yoyo.”

I called it…:slight_smile: