New old stock stuff, special edition Zeros and more (eventually)

this thread will evolve as I get my old yoyos out of storage.  All of these Zeros are for sale (the last row is just plain retail ones).  if the images dont work, let me know. google and i are fighting.  all of these are sealed.  all photos can also be seen here
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yoyo viking skateboard deck, red.  some of the plastic shrink wrap is torn, but the board is unmounted and never used.

offers on all zeros considered:
2x-75th anniversary glow in the darks
2x- bionic (black and silver metallic) extremespin zeros, if you dont know.  they were and awesome store, and awesome people
1x-mwr (when it was a thing) egg yolk
2x-black on pink “for the ladies”
1x steve brown 5a black and red.

one hand painted higby  freehand.  these were hand painted by him , then sent to duncan for packaging. beautiful lightning pattern.

vertigo freehand (its a factory vinyl wrap)

team losi
2x silver butterflies with all weights etc
1x grim sleeper purple

3x sb 2.2 By Tom Kuhn mint in box

superyo glow in the dark extremespin edition renedage (the box isnt perfect, but the yoyo is)


hspin pyro all orange edition, mint with unused side caps and extra axle
hspin envy, mint with all accessories
phi #10, mint  SOLD
spyy addict, red mint
yyf purple star g5
yyf g5 plus gold
yyf grind monster 2

bapezilla ALL BLUE.  i bought 2, and made a green one (sold) and a blue one.  all toys that came in the box included.   SOLD

saturn spyder number 13 2007 wyyc edition.  its #13 and i got it from steve brown.  if he reads this and wants it back…it is his for free.  but for sale as long as that doesnt happen.

naked cold fusion, full retail accessories

Yep, pics don’t work.

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bump, bape and phi are sold! thanks!