Anti-yo Steve Brown skate deck, SPYY, YoYoFactory, and Duncan Mods for sale.

My wife and I were in a car accident which has caused us to restructure our life. A lot of this stuff was from my time on Save Deth and Spyy so it has seen a lot of play from Danny Severance, Tyler Severanc, Dave Poyzer, Seth Peterson, Boyd Seth, Drew Tetz, and Ed Haponik i.e. so much love. If you are interested please send me a message through the board or email to
fleshmanjm(at) I’ll add pictures as needed, some are already up on my flickr. Best offer wins since some of these are older and rare. Thanks!

any package deals will include 10% off

YoYoFactory Genesis Jon-Rob ed-$50
YoYoJam Higby Big Ben-$30
SPYY/Save Deth Trainwreck, all purple, spikes trimmed by Dave Poyzer-$40
SPYY/Save Deth Trainwreck 2.0 special red/gold edition-$50
SPYY Pro green-$40
Spyy Supra champaign-$40
SPYY Supra purple/blue-$40
SPYY Punchline Repeater-$50
Duncan Strix silver-$30
Duncan Flipside-$10
Duncan/Bandai Hyper Freehand translucent blue, recessed-$50
Duncan Bootleg Monkey by Takeshi, recessed-$30
Anti-yo Steve Brown Skate deck-$100

HSPIN Good & Evil 4 Save Deth Edition-$100--SOLD
CLYW Painted Peak-champaign with purple peak and turquoise splatter inside. Joey vs CLYW-$200-SOLD
CLYW Bear vs Man AYYA edition-$200-SOLD
YoYoJam Big Ben Mr Yodel Space theme-$30-SOLD
SPYY Amplifier-$40-SOLD
SPYY Speedfreak, painted white by Seth Peterson-$40-SOLD
SPYY Flying V silver-$40-SOLD
SPYY Orbitron-$40-SOLD

A lot of people have asked regarding the painted Peak. Its from 2008 painted by Levi when he was doing the special editions. I’ll have more pictures up of all yo-yos in question this afternoon. Thanks.

I put some more pictures up of all the yo-yos that have been requested for on Flickr. Thanks.

Several have been sold but a good amount of SPYY’s are still available. Thanks.

Hey everyone, this stuff is still up for sale with the addition of a Steve Brown 5A skate deck from Anti-yo.

I’m listing the skate deck for $100 or best offer. Thanks!

Everything is still up, I’m willing to negotiate prices. Thanks!