For Sale: SPYY, YoYoFactory, Recess, and Duncan. NEW PRICES.

Hey everyone, I’m further reducing my collection of extras to make way for a baby girl this fall. These are from my time on SaveDeth, SPYY, and a prize from MAR (2010ish). Highest offer wins. Please send me a message through the board if interested. I can always upload for specific pictures upon request. Thanks!


Recess Joyride (green) $25
Duncan Strix (silver) $25
YoYoFactory Jon-Rob Genesis (green/purple) $50
SPYY/SaveDeth TrainWreck 2.0 (red/gold) $50-special colorway with SpinGear
SPYY Pro (green) $50
SPYY Punchline Repeater (black/gold) $50
SPYY Supra champagne $50
SPYY Supra purple/blue $50

Hey everyone, so pretty much everything is up for grabs and I need this stuff to move.

I’m dropping everything by $5 and $10 each if you’re buying multiples. Thanks! Also, I have a lot of stickers from the past 14 years so I will throw in some goodies:).