new NC club forming in the charlotte area

out of the ashes of the old nc easily amused club…

so i’ve done a few demos for a local create-a-book/toy-shop, and the owner is interested in sponsoring a club. we’d probably start as a monthly thing, and then if it becomes popular, make it more frequent. right now the store sells mainly duncans (proyos/proflies, reflex, speedles, freehands, fhz’s) and they’ve been really supportive of efforts to grow a micro-community.

as the club would be tied to the store, it would revolve around making kids welcome (as well as just having normal yo-yo fun). i know there’s not a ton of local ‘established’ yo-yo players in the immediate area, but when we created a club in raleigh, we developed a pretty consistent scene. hopefully we can recreate that here. since chris and sarah are moving, i’ll be taking charge of nc states again in the summer, and starting a local club could benefit that as well.

basically, the store is located in huntersville, about 15 minutes north of charlotte on i-77.

i don’t have dates/times yet. basically just wanted to throw it out there to see who might be interested in a monthly charlotte area yo-yo club.

Off topic but Where is pyro and Sarah moving to?

goin back to boise. just like LL.

I live about 45 minutes north of there. I’d be interested if I wasn’t busy.

Ah. I see.

i can come

awesome. i haven’t heard back from the lady who owns the store, but we could totally organize a meet-up at my place (28078).

sunday 1/16 too soon? i’ll be out of town the following 3 weekends.

could it be on a sunday because i have all district band tryouts and the 16 is a saterday

whens the next meeting i might be able to come

GREAT news…
the davidson juggling club has said it’d be cool if we get in on their venue, which is in davidson nc (about 25 min north of charlotte).
they meet on sundays from 3-5, outdoors if it’s nice out and in the union when it’s nasty. i’ll be out of town (at ma states) this weekend, but i plan on being there most sundays thereafter.

i’ll get details up here regarding the location in the next week.

Nice, I live a couple of hours north in Virginia, but I would definitely be interested in coming. Please let us know when the next meet would be, and if you had an address that I could mapquest that would be great.

yo Throw-Bot where are you in VA? when im not in school in Richmond im in Danville VA.

Well, Im actually all the way over near Bristol, in Abingdon. It’s like right on the Tennessee line. But I have NOONE out here who yoyos except for my girlfriend, and the only tricks she knows are the ones I taught her. I would love to start hanging out with some other throwers, it would help me out a lot-- even if I only met with them once a month or every month. Do you know how far danville is from bristol? I’ve heard of it before, but im not sure how far of a drive it is. I know Im about 4 or 5 hours away from richmond.

ed and I were looking at starting a meet up.

We will meet on the Davidson Village Green out in front of the Davidson public library if the weather is nice but if not we will meet in the College Union. We meet on Sunday’s from 3-5. Feb 28 will be our first meet. Please message me if you can make it. We need at least 5 people to know if there is enough interest to make it.

ed can’t make it this week but I will be there anyway for the meet up. We need at least 5 people to show up or we won’t meet.

This is also a juggling group. If you juggle feel free to bring your juggling props also.

thanks for holding it down yesterday andrew!

ok… so we (in this case meaning I - and whoever else can make it)… WILL be meeting up on davidson’s campus THIS SUNDAY with the lake norman area juggling group (it’s their venue that they’re willing to share with us) FROM 3-5pm!!! maybe afterward we can even go out to fuel pizza or something.

i’ve met one of the jugglers and exchanged emails with the main guy and they’re super cool with it. i know some of you guys won’t be able to make it a weekly thing, but it’d be really rad to get a more consistent nc yoyo scene rolling.

• if it’s chilly or rainy we’ll be inside the davidson college commons building, which is easy to find and has a high ceiling…
(big building immediately next to the endzone on davidson’s campus).
• if it’s beautiful then we’ll meet on the village green in davidson.
(big green space at the corner of s. main st and concord rd.)

hit me up with any q’s.


hope to see some of you guys tomorrow!!!

i would frikken LOVE to come if it is still going on… PLEASE TELL ME IF IT IS STILL GOING!