New mutant dna run


yep new mutant dna’s go check them out! ;D


yay… more unoriginal colorways… Oh well, they add their own little change to it to use it.

Just sayin


Yay, more yyf hate.


no hate here, they just need original colorways is all


It’s pink, orange and black. Lol.

That evil empire known as YoyoFactory has struck again!

Edit - I hope that my post was seen as sarcasm. That was its intent.


they are known to copy cough avant garde cough


What do you want them to do? Create a new color? ::slight_smile:
C’mon now people. I like how the orange black acid with silver splash gets no mention though.


I’m glad ours didn’t turn out as ugly as that yoyo.


That, however, is a matter of opinion.
I happen to like that colorway.


Auldey even said that they came up with the design independently. The only example I can think of is the miracle-superwide, but I’d they paid for it I don’t see a problem.


It was two solutions to a problem. They went their way, we went ours. The only hate is on forums, not in real life.


I did buy one and I’m very pleased.


i’m no yyf fanboy, but just because they have a blue yoyo with yellow splash doesn’t mean they are copying CLYW. The same with the DNA. They are both executed differently.


I noticed a lot of yyf hate hype going on here at the forums. I own all sorts of companies products (CLYW, YYJ, 3yo3, OD, X3, keeps going) and there is absolutely no reason to shelf YYF. Maybe you want to support smaller business, and that’s cool. Maybe you already own a bunch of yyf and you want something new. Fine. But listening to some kid rant about capitalism as he sheds his teenage angst and uses YYF as a scapegoat is not acceptable. Bandwagons drive in both lanes. Get your own ride.

If you want something really different on the end of your string, try the DNA. I hear the YYJ Chaser is also pretty heavy if you aren’y ready drop 100+ on a 70g + throw.