New Metal Throw

I have a Dark Magic 2 and have been wanting an all metal throw for a while. I like my Dark Magic with its size and feel on the string. I’ve looked at the Benchmarks and they seem to be getting pretty good praise. I’m interested in the V and H shapes. Please tell me about your experiences with both and how you liked them. Thanks!!!

From what I’ve heard the V is faster and the H is more stable.

The dark magic is a little heavier and slower, so you may like the H better.

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I agree with jbritter.
The H is super stable, but by no means slow. It’s a lot of fun and my favorite of the three benchmarks. But all of them are really nice throws and a great bargain. And now they’re in some cool colorways, so if you’re not a fan of solids, you have a choice.

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do all of the three benchmarks move the same speed? theoretically I feel like they should since they are the same weight, but idk

I agree-- they should all move at the same speed. But our brains are astonishing things, and the “feeling” you get from the different shapes will motivate how you play… in insidious ways… :wink:

To me, they seem to. I use Code 1 SEs to add some more weight, so it’s probably slower than with the spikes, but they all feel about the same to me… except the O shape :wink:
Like Greg says, the mind plays tricks, so for some reason, that one seems to feel lighter and quicker to me. I have to really chuck that baby to get the kind of spin time that I get with the V and H shapes, and it feels less stable than the other two. That could have something to do with my (in)experience, but the rim weight just isn’t there on the O like it is on the H and V.

They all have a different moment of inertia so they should feel different but as you note, the subjective nature of how yoyos feel is very … subjective … :slight_smile:

Just get whatever looks good to you. I love H shape yoyos so personally that’s what I’d go for

they should feel different for sure, the stability should be different, but the speeds should be the same, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of them!

They have identical mass and density. The properties of the spin should be irrelevant to the amount of torque needed for the unit to change direction, which is what the “speed” of a yoyo is, after all. Echoing above: the stability and spin will vary owing to the shapes, but the change of direction on the tether should be the same.

But I’m no physicist. :wink:

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that’s what I was thinking lol gotta love physics.

Speed… I thought it was all in my head when I thought aheavier yoyo was faster than a lighter yoyo.

But when I got the dietz I was expecting a slower pace, but it felt really fast.

Then the Classic, I thought that was going to be really fast cuz the dietz and the draupnir I tried, both at similar weights, were both really fast. But the Classic just didnt seem fast to me which was shocking. More of an average pace to me, felt 3 grams heavier than it is IMO

Maybe its because its oversized, i dont know anymore :smiley:

More mass will require more torque to alter the directional momentum. Lighter yoyos are faster. But I suppose once the heavier yoyo is up to speed, depending on the kinds of tricks you’re doing (if you’re continuing the same direction rather than altering it), it could feel like you stay faster more effortlessly.

The strange combination of physics and perception we find in yoyo play makes it hard to reconcile the two. I swear, my YYJ Chaser felt like one of the fastest yoyos I owned at the time, but I’m equally positive it was my heaviest. But all it takes is a slight change in “attitude” during play and you’ll be subconsciously pushing the yoyo harder (or chilling out more). I’m a firm believer that one’s approach to a particular yoyo (formed partly by the look and feel of the yoyo, but also by marketing) will have a greater impact on how fast you play it than a gram or two of weight will.

I’ve struggled with the same thing, but physics don’t lie lol