New Metal Light-Up Yo-Yo - MagicYoYo AURORA!

The latest design from MagicYoYo is a fantastic light-up yo-yo with an equally fantastic price. The Aurora!

The Aurora has a rounded step v-shape profile that offers a fast and maneuverable feel in play with vibrant 5-color changing lights on each side. The body is machined from 6061 aluminum for a quality feel in play with a smooth grind friendly finish. The light panel technology utilizes easily replaceable batteries and each yo-yo comes packed with 4 extra replacement batteries to keep your lights shining bright as long as you need!

Along with the 4 replaceable batteries(for the lights), each Aurora package includes 1 Allen key to remove the axle and caps. Use the Allen key to go through the threads inside the yo-yo and push on the plastic cap from the inside, sliding it out of place to easily access the light panels.


Nothing wrong with 6061, but that is a funny sentence.

Makes it sound as though they had considered making it from melted down soda cans.

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This is a seriously fantastic light up yoyo. The single light versions were cool but the lights could be kind of flickery and not reliable. If you snapped the side they would come right back on - still the best LED I’d ever played.

This new model is a whole new level - frosted caps to diffuse the light better and entirely new LEDs that are much stronger and more stable in my experience. Beautiful slow fade through multiple colors. It’s basically like a Hot Diggidy with lights.

Such a great light up yoyo. It’s honestly the best I think that has ever been made, at least the best that I’ve ever tried.


I was just commenting that it’s metal as opposed to plastic, not really trying to focus on the type of aluminum. I see what you mean though.

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I’d LOVE to see you guys carry more Magicyoyo throws! Especially some of the cheaper popular ones like the shark and node!

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Someone seriously needs to do 3A with this. I’m looking at you @andy569.

It’s already been done. I think I like glow better than light up tho tbh.

On a somewhat similar note, is there anyone that makes glow string anymore!?

I know I had one before but I think I accidentally threw it out with some other old strings