New MagicYoyo D8

I read somewhere that MagicYoyo is dropping something new. Went to there Facebook and was blown away. Looks so cool.

It’s a metal yoyo with hubstacks. Delrin hubstacks that are integrated into the cup. I’m not sure if this has been done before, but I’ve never seen anything like it.

Stats I Found:
Mass- 67.85 grams
Diameter- 55.99 mm
Width- 42.5 mm
Gap- 4.66 mm

I still haven’t figured out how to post photos so if anyone could that would be nice.

Cheater fingerspins. :smiley:

Sweet. Hope they have em at PNWR. I remember Magic yoyos being sold there.

Thank you

I can’t tell if the delrin has little dimples or not. Can anyone confirm?

Looks interesting I like plus magicyoyos are cheap! :smiley:

I need to get one of these.

Looks sweet! Reminds me a lot of a shutter.

It appers it does (slight shadow over the Delrin) very impressive I hope it’s price is very low like other models

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My guess is $30-$40

Nah id say $20-$30. They are usually very very cheap (sold on ebay).

This one looks special, I’d say 40-50

Man, is it me or does that look like a cross between Shutter and Super G?

29.97 would be nice. But probably upper 30s or 40s for this one.

Looks like full sized CLIFF with Delrin hubstacks.

Regardless of price we all know that it will more than likely play great for its price.

^ so true.

JD, just said it’s going to be 30 bucks.


Is this hubstack design new? Or are others like this?