!! New Magic YOYO Node YO1 !!


The new Magic YOYO node, this is my favorite Magic YOYO to date, for sure. I’ve owned every model.

Specs 55mm x 44mm 68 grams

Mine is dead smooth, the color way just pops!! Better, brighter and more defined than YYF galaxy color. The grind is very similar to the gruntbull of CLYW. IRG doesn’t work well for thumb grinds even tho it looks and feels like it should, that’s my only gripe. This is and extremely stable throw, similar but not quite as stable to the N12 or a Shuutter in this respect. Finish, color and blast are the best I’ve seen by a mile, compared to any other all Aluminum Magic YOYO. If I had to compare it to the play of any other throw?? I’ve probably Owned 100 YOYO models… I’d say it plays almost the same as a dead smooth heavier Chief. That’s saying a lot as it’s one of my all time keepers. Think of it as a Chief plus 2-3 grams of authority, which to be is a slight bonus because I feel the Chief can be a bit vague at times during play. Very completion oriented due too Long spin character and extreme stability and moves as quick as you can move it!! Sorry for the short post but just wanted to let you guys know that this new throw exists and it is the best all Aluminum Magic yo yet IMHO. -Steve