new jersey anyone?

(Joshhh) #1

anyone from jersey?


Yup. Jackson, NJ. Home of Six Flags Great Adventure.


Yp Manalapan


yup midland park most boring town in the world

(Joshhh) #5

south jersey? like, burlington county area?

(Kyle V.) #6

I’m in north Jersey… it seems like there’s hardly anyone up here lol


Come down to YoYoJoe’s in Wilmington, DE on Saturdays at 4:00

(YoYoJoe27) #8

Yea im in north jersey. Pompton plains nj

(Jesse) #9

Yeah, Pennsville. Right of the Del Mem Br.

And, like DYonch said, Yoyojoes! Are you in South Jersey?

(Joshhh) #10

yup. south jersey all the way fist pumps and yah i was thinkin about goin there but its 40 minutes away :[


Yeah, I am in Madison for college and Ewing, near Trenton, for home. Something seriously needs to happen here!




Yeah North Jersey. So boring nothing up here… :frowning:

(YoYoJoe27) #14

Were in North Jersey im in North too. Pomptain Plains


i’m like two minutes from there.


Nice we should all get together and throw sometime check out my jersey shore post if intrested ;D


Bricktown, on the beach MTV destroyed.

(echeung) #18

Yeah, Central NJ. LLAMAS Im 12 by the way


Morristown, all the way

(echeung) #20

Does anyone know a yoyo club in nj? Someone should REEEEAALLYYYYYYYY make one, wonder noone thought of it. ???