New iyoyo Hidra, Firrox & Air Dive Restock!



Color Explosion & Summer Fade!

The Hidra is a really fun full sized design that fits perfectly in the iYoYo lineup. The large h-shape profile offers an incredible stable and solid feel on the string and provides a great catch zone for those risky tricks. It has a really relaxing and laid back feel that is great for everyday play and an amazing spin time that is perfect for practicing new combos!


Galaxy & Thunderbolt!

Like the Hidra, this latest yo-yo has all the stability and spin time you expect from a strong h-shape design, but with the adjusted weight distribution and stainless steel rings the FiRROX has an entirely different feel. The FiRROX packs all the performance you need in a competition level throw while remaining fast and light on the string.


Light Blue & White!

Unlike most offstring yo-yos, this one features some massive rims, measures in as slightly undersized for an offstring throw, and as a result has a crazy powerful spin that give you tight binds even after the longest combos. The flat cup design also allows for impressive fingerspin tricks!