iYoYo HiDRA: A High Speed YoYo Review

iYoYo has certainly made a name for themselves with their latest products. They are known for making high quality German designed/Chinese manufactured yo-yos. Their last releases have produced two amazing bimetals and then there is the odd man out that I am reviewing today. The HiDRA is their single metal design based off their bimetal, the FiRROX. Since this is their “odd man out”, will it continue to carry on the quality play that I have grown to expect form the company?

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Nice review.

The Hidra is what made me excited for the Firrox release. Really enjoyed the Hidra. The Firrox basically “plussed” the Hidra design. Now I want to get a Tirrox but…Thanks to unemployment I won’t be getting anything for a while :frowning:

What is the sleep time just on the end of the string and while doing horizontal tricks

After a certain point spin time is irrelevant. As long as I can perform the tricks I want to I am good. There are many other factors that I look at more than spin time.

Its the Hidra really heavy on the hand ? And it its really fits to grip on the H shape profile?