Great New Colors on the iYoYo Firrox!


iYoYo has been been on a roll creating some great new yo-yos lately, and now they’re adding one more bi-metal design to their lineup – This is the all new FiRROX!

The FiRROX was based off of their latest design, the Hidra, and is once again a collaboration with our favorite CAD savvy US student and yo-yo player – Ze’ev Yehuda! This yo-yo takes the same strong h-shaped profile of the Hidra and brings it to life in bi-metal form.

Like the Hidra, this latest yo-yo has all the stability and spin time you expect from a strong h-shape design, but with the adjusted weight distribution and stainless steel rings the FiRROX has an entirely different feel. The FiRROX packs all the performance you need in a competition level throw while remaining fast and light on the string.