Big iYoYo Restock – Kickstart PRO, FiRROX & More!


The Kickstart PRO is molded in Germany from durable polycarbonate plastic with a beautiful blasted grind friendly finish. It is available in an array of unique colors and fitted with beefy Aluminum weight ring for added stability and spin power. Every single piece has been assembled & personally hand tested by iYoYo owner Dave Geigle to ensure the very best quality and performance!


Based on the popular HiDRA shape and designed with competition level play in mind, the AiR DiVE has a really unique look, a balanced feel in play, and performance that will rival any 4A throw out there!

Unlike most offstring yo-yos, this one features some massive rims, measures in as slightly undersized for an offstring throw, and as a result has a crazy powerful spin that give you tight binds even after the longest combos. The flat cup design also allows for impressive fingerspin tricks!


Like the Hidra, this yo-yo has all the stability and spin time you expect from a strong h-shape design, but with the adjusted weight distribution and stainless steel rings the FiRROX has an entirely different feel. The FiRROX packs all the performance you need in a competition level throw while remaining fast and light on the string.