New iYoYo Kickstart PRO – Beta Release!

Over a year ago, iYoYo started what would become their most challenging project yet: Injection-Molded yo-yos Made in their home country of Germany. Born and raised in Germany, making an affordable yo-yo locally was truly a passion project for iYoYo founder Dave Geigle. He put in a huge amount of work to get it just right and the end result was worth all the effort!

Together with Kyle Weems of Kyos Toys, iYoYo designed two YoYos – KiCKSTART and KiCKSTART Pro. The former being targeted towards beginners (and will be released later this year), the latter geared towards pro play with an extra weight ring for that much needed rim weight!

After tons of prototypes (Seriously, they went through a LOT of prototypes!) and countless hours of assembling and testing, iYoYo was finally satisfied with the quality and is prepared to release the Beta-Run of KiCKSTART Pro in a VERY limited amount!

The Kickstart PRO is molded in Germany from durable polycarbonate plastic with a beautiful blasted grind friendly finish. It is available in an array of unique colors and fitted with beefy Aluminum weight ring for added stability and spin power. Every single piece has been assembled & personally hand tested by iYoYo owner Dave Geigle to ensure the very best quality and performance!

Though mine has a slight vibe I found the Kickstart Pro to be very comfortable in my hand and rather playable. What also impressed me was that it was made in Germany and not farmed out to another country.
My abilities are rather limited but I found it playable, the weight felt exactly right, the bearing was the right choice and the design is outstanding. This was my first iYoYo but I am sure it will not be my last.