New Intermediate Trick: Prison Escape



Um… that was really simple :confused:

(Shisaki) #3

I dont get how that is advanced, it was just a trapeze and bro while you swing the yoyo around…

(stephen_cameron) #4

Agreed, and also, this is already a trick; Jedi Backflip.

(Buddha Master) #5

Sure with the Force chocking.


simple but good try


Its not a trick, sorry to say that. :’(

(JM) #8

And what is it, then?

OP, yo-yoing has been around for a very long time and because of that truly new tricks are hard to come by. Particularly when you use very common tricks as a basis, I would tread lightly on naming them your own. It’s really not that big of a deal, but people like credit where credit is due.

Don’t let this discourage you from making videos or even new tricks though. We really need more people of all skill levels showing there stuff!

(Zach Smith) #9

Yay, verily. Thank you JM.

(J. Lev) #10

In addition to what JM said: You still “discovered” this trick by yourself. So you still had the insight to think about it, and plan it. It doesn’t matter that someone else did it already, you had the ingenuity. So good on you! Try some more!

(Jonathan Brasell) #11

I’ll give him this, it’s aptly named for his favorite yoyo. “E” for effort… And an “A” for posting a vid for his skill level.

That raises a question to newbies like me, How should someone go about presenting something original that is not likely new? What can you name and what can’t you name? You’ve got to refer to it as “something” right? Or not? “Didn’t Skin the Gerbal” used to be “Skin the Cat”? So What’s the understood etiquette?

(J. Lev) #12

You don’t. Skin The Gerbil and Skin the Cat are two completely different tricks.

(Jonathan Brasell) #13

Oh. yeah, my bad skin the cat IS way different. I had some bad info. But my question still remains. When does something deserve a name these days?