New G2 Wood burning Case (in progress)

I’ve been making this pretty beefy box that will serve to store all of my future rare or favorite G2 yoyos.
I recycled the wood from old pallates and sanded them down after cutting them to size.
I then found some reference art from the internet and sketched out (not traced) Nessie and an Albatross on what will be the lid of the case. Finally with a wood burning pen I darkened the outline and started shading.

My plan is to somehow get artwork for Triton, Quake, and Aftershock in there but as you can imagine
artwork for the Quake and Aftershock might be a little difficult to figure out. I will probably put
the G-Squared logo in the center of the lid.

That looks amazing!

Great work! I look forward to seeing the completed box.