New from MOWL - Heterogeneity, Mowl M, and Vigilancia!


Heterogeneity was developed through experimentation with new styles and tricks. For the play style of Kenta, who weaves together delicate and skillful routines paired with tricks and elements no one has adopted before, it was necessary to put an emphasis on stability and power that can withstand long combos. The Heterogeneity foregoes the compeitive yoyo trends of wider widths and sharp angles while giving you a powerhouse of a yoyo that moves with an agile gentle feel we can’t get enough of!

New Colors Release Saturday 8/6 @ 8PM EDT.

Mowl M:

The mowl M has a beautifully simple rounded H-shape profile designed by one of Japan’s top yo-yo manufacturers who has chosen to remain nameless, furthering the mysterious nature of this new company. It has a seriously powerful feel on the throw and a comfortable feel on the catch, with a presence on the string that seems to just push you to keep on throwing.

New Colors Release Saturday 8/6 @ 8PM EDT.


The all new Vigilancia was designed to get as close to the surveillance feel as possible in a full aluminum model, and after several prototypes they were able to match the bi-metal power they were after. It’s more than just a cheaper version of surveillance of though, The Vigilancia is an evolution of the old surveillance. It has a powerful spin and some of the most impressive spin time you will find in a mono-metal design without sacrificing controllability.

New Colors Release Saturday 8/6 @ 8PM EDT.