New from General-Yo

I introduce the K.L.R.
54.6 DIA
4.4 GAP
Geared for competition, with the rim weight you expect from Gen-Yo :-*

I love the shape.

The shape kind of reminds me of a septopus mixed with a YYR.

As always, it looks great. Because of your eye for design, I am sure that it plays even better if it is from General-Yo.

I would have asked this elsewhere, but I do not want to start a thread again… Can you tell us what kind of aluminum it is made from?

I’ve always wanted a general-yo this looks like it will be my first!

when is the release date? will they ever come to YYE? will you sell pre-pro’s?

You can’t go wrong with a General-Yo. Something tells me you better be at the computer with the mouse ready to click when this one drops.

I want one of these and an OG torrent.

Could be cool to leave them raw… Or a polished Ano.

Thanks for the good words and input!
It is made from 6061.
Yes it will be here at YYE.
The pre=pros will have special ano.
No blasting, as this throw isnt for grinding, however there is still an IRG for thumb rockin.
It will be more shiny with a special run of ano experiments.
The pre-pros will be very few, with the production starting a couple weeks away.


Aww…if it was blasted, it would be one of the only competition-geared throws with a killer finish.

Will you ever reconsider? :’(

Very nice
@Sniffyo on twitter

I want this so bad but my phone is broken should I use all my cash to replace the phone or use all my cash to buy this? I can’t decide!

Ok, those just look awesome. I’ll go ahead and set some cash aside for when either the pre productions or full run comes out.

Kinda glad you are not blasting these for a classy look.

That looks great Ernie. What’s the reason for no blast though?

What he said!!!^^^ :’( :’( :’(

I am doing some testing on type 3 ano.
Its 20 times thicker than type 2, and awesome looking.
Dont know about a blasted surface. It looks matted and dull.
Depends on the testing and how it comes out.

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Ill will definitely try to grab one of these. Looks great, and I love the specs. The only general yo I own is a second run 5 Star and it has been my main player since 09.