New from Chico YoYo Company - The Lightspeed!

Chico has been working closely with CYYC team member Nate Dailey to create the perfect yo-yo for his quick style of play. They’ve gone through a few different designs and prototypes to get to this final model and once you throw it you’ll agree it was worth the work! This is the new Nate Dailey Signature Yo-Yo – The Lightspeed!

The Lightspeed is exactly what Nate needs for his smooth technical and blurringly fast style of play. it was designed with a nice curved v-shape profile to keep a comfortable feel in hand and a slightly wider stance to increase stability and help with those risky mounts. And if you didn’t get it from the name, this yo-yo was designed to move fast! Chico kept the Lightspeed more centrally weighted which improves speed and makes regens flow much smoother. Combine all that with a light overall weight and you have a competition ready yo-yo that can move at the speed of light!

Nate Dailey just used the Lightspeed to capture 3rd place at the 2015 Bay Area Classic and earn himself the top placing competitor from the Region as well as a qualifying spot to the finals at Nationals, and we can’t wait to see where this yo-yo takes him next!

Those T-Pads protrude out into the gap. Wouldn’t that make this ultra grippy…

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Looking at the specs sheet, this thing has a gap width of 5.26mm, or .21 inches. That’s a massive gap! A full 0.5mm bigger than the Shutter’s, which I already consider pretty wide. Don’t think the pads should be a problem in this case.

From the photos it doesn’t look like the T pads fit flush into the groove. That can cause some snag issues. The gap width may help, but it probably won’t full mask the problems caused by the pads coming out like that.