New dog i got

Jesus, just a get a Labrador Retriever already.

They are already cliched as the Typical Family dog anyways.

Lol, I have two of them and are very nice dogs. They are gentle with young ones and really like to rough house with the bigger kids.

Just get a retriever.

Thanks for the tip sometime this week were going to take a look at a free portuges water dog (the dog have a lazy eye so what)

My dad wants one of those so much! He’s had his eye on them and knew about them well before Obama had one.

Cool well we got more info on it we heard it nips around ankle when we won’t play with him like were doing stuff in the yard so I’m not sure about the dog.

good news we got the dog the dog he is indeed a Portuguese water dog and he is so sweet! he is 5 months old and, name is Paolo that means small in Portuguese because he was the runt of the litter.
heres pictures of him FYI he has a lion cut that’s why his behind is bare.

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Congratulations to you and your family on the new addition to your home! He looks like he’ll be a great companion to have around. I love the name choice as well, it’s special when there’s an explanation for the purpose of the name.

Enjoy your new friend richly. Love him lots and he’ll love you back.

thanks paolo is great so far it is even better because the dog was free but it doesn’t matter he is ours now!

Awesome! Good to have an addition to the family! I don’t mean to correct you to be negative, but “paolo” doesn’t mean small. The word for small, similar to Spanish, is “pequeno”.

To the best of my knowledge (which is admittedly not 100%) Paolo, along with Pablo, is a variation of the name “Paul”. So, you have a dog named Paul. Which if you ask me is an AWESOME name for a dog!

Also possible is that the name wasn’t given or heard correctly during the introduction. “Pouco” could be taken as “small”. So maybe his name is “Pouco”?

Anyhow, it doesn’t matter; only insofar as it sucks to go for years telling people something and firmly believing it, until 8 years later someone finally says “You know that’s not true, right?” It has happened to me.

On the other hand, if we have a native Portuguese speaker on the board who can correct me and tell me that Paolo indeed can mean “small” (either formally or informally) I will happily eat humble pie.

Congratulations on the new dog! Dogs enrich our lives in ways that nobody except another pet owner can understand.

According to these websites on the meaning of baby names, “Paolo” means small.

poalo is Portuguese not spanish he just woke up and ran around like crazy. (now only if we can teach him how to go downstairs he can go up the the stairs but not down the stairs)

Congrats on the new dog!


Make sure to enjoy your dog as much as I do mine!

In Italian. Not Portuguese.

I didn’t do zero research first; I didn’t check into Italian, but I looked up “Paolo” on translations services in both directions because as a Spanish speaker I had a feeling the word would be the same (pequeno) and it is. If she had said “it means ‘small’ in Italian” I would have looked it up and discovered it does mean “small”.

It’s also a variation on “Paul” as I mentioned. According to one of the very links you provided.

So no, not ready for that humble pie just yet. :wink: I was right that it doesn’t mean ‘small’ in Portuguese and I was correct that it’s a variation of the name “Paul”. Also, I only mentioned it not to contradict anyone but because you wouldn’t want to go for years giving people that story when many of them could be familiar enough with Portuguese to think to themselves, “Um, that’s not right.” Just trying to be helpful.

Abby, I only mentioned the Spanish because the two languages are closely related. It’s a “romance” language (as is French) and the two have a tonne of common words. As a Spanish speaker, I can listen to a Portuguese conversation and pick up a great deal of it.

This! I just got an 8 week old puppy that a pair of my friends dogs… collaborated on, lol. His dad is half Dingo half Chow, and his mom is half Alaskan Malamute half Australian Shepherd. He’s gonna be a big boy, haha, already fifteen pounds.

His name is Benga, :).

Wow, he’s going to be great! You’re right, he’s going to be a BIG boy. I’m a little envious of you folks getting new dogs. Adopting a new pet is such a fun and happy time in the home.

Enjoy them to their fullest!

Yeah btw your puppy is adorable!

Agreed. 8)


uh oh Paolo just got a hold of my Yoyo… “Paolo drop it!”