New design. Feedback? just made a revised version.

Alright heres a design I made it in a few mins so critique away.(sry but you have to download it)
Just made a revised version based on comments.

Doc1.docx (85.1 KB)

Not trying to be overly critical, I don’t get it.

in what way

Where do you intend on putting the other half? Your undercut comes back past your bearing seat. Again not trying to be to critical but cutting that cup is going to be a glorious fight for most any manufacturer. my suggestion is start simple.

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inside of it looks nice. fix the igr up for better thumb grinds. also make the nub a little bit thinner to remove uneeded excess centerweight. the actual design part of the yoyo is pretty sketchy. try to make the undercut a LOT shorter and aa LOT more rounded. good luck!

With all due respect it appears you’ve designed the new battarang. :slight_smile:

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HAHAHAHA, so sig worthy! Calling it!

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wow just looked it up batarang and i totally agree! looks nearly identical. :slight_smile:

Dang it! now I’m only seeing it as a battarang and not a yoyo >.>
but you need to make the sides shorter or else it doesn’t work. other than that I like the concept :slight_smile:

If this yoyo ever gets produced I am naming it the batarang. Thank you all for all your help also if anyone wants to comment on the new design PLEASE DO :slight_smile:

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You better not. Batarang is a trademarked term.

That looks deadly.

Not sure if it would work, the string would like get stuck…

I know what you are going for and like I said before simplify. If i am right these would cost a bundle to machine.

mvp inspired?

not realy mvp more of pure boredom :slight_smile: also good point with the copyright name but ill think of something itl probably be getting my ideas into protos in a year or so so ive got time to think of the name.

I’m gonna sketch and render a better version for ya just to see what it looks like.

Pardon the lack of quality and slight change in design… I wasnt clearly looking at the picture. But the design in the picture wouldve hurt quit badly…
I basically ended up with a glacier express type of thing.


Man, that rendering looks nice!

I applied the wrong textures on the wrong places :stuck_out_tongue:
But thanks.

Thats not a glcier express at all, very unique but loooks har to machine