New Contest Blog- Throw Big

Hello everyone,

My name is Michael. I am a long time thrower but a fairly new member of this forum, although I have been browsing through it for years… Yoyoing is something I am very passionate about and highlighting great yoyo talent is something that I am very interested in. For that reason, I have created a new yoyo blog- Throw Big.

The way Throw Big will work once it is launched this Thursday, April 27. is that talented throwers will email videos of their best new tricks and combos to Throw Big, no more than one video per month for from each thrower. Throw Big will then choose the best video of the month and award that thrower a $10 prize and the title of Throw Big Champion of the Month.

Submissions are now accepted. Send all submissions to All are encouraged to submit and there is no submission fee.

The first contest month will be May. At the end of the month, the winner will be announced.

Have fun, and show us what you got!

Oh sounds interesting!

can you go to my Youtube channel (Sidney LeVine) and see if I am “talented” enough?

Sorry, I discontinued this project due to a lack of participants.

Why not just have this contest for throwers of any talent? This doesn’t have to be a big deal, just a way for people to show new tricks. Don’t give up!:slight_smile:

I absolutely agree and have been working on a site for that purpose. At this moment, however, I can’t accept any submissions but should be able to soon. Thank you for your support :slightly_smiling_face: