NEW COMPANY COMING SOON! Back Country Return Tops (BCRT)

Hello everone! I am trying to start a new company called Back Country Return Tops, ive been doing some CAD design, and i have finally come up with one that i want to prototype, the prototype will most likely be called Chauncy, but i am open to any suggestions as well! Also let me know if there is anything i can do to make the design better!
Designs can be found here
Thank You,
Ian Garay

Ooh, that looks very, very, very nice!

That’s going to cut up your hands real bad. You might want to do some rounding.

Thats a good idea, im working on improved version now, the rims will be a little different, I will post some pictures when its done!

I have some experience in CAD if you need some help hmu.

Thanks! Ill take that into account, if you know anything about some ways to save money on prototyping that would be of great help as well!

Correct me if I’m wrong, (I know nothing regarding this type of design) but,

Aren’t you supposed to work with vectors as opposed to polygons?