New CLYW yoyo

Their is a new yoyo by CLYW yoyo coming out :D. Its called the Maple Drip. Heres a picture and some information on it.0 - Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks Peak yo-yo - Maple Drip Edition #16902 View Details

Available Options Quantities
Options Qty.
Orange with Blue Drip 21
Blue with Purple Drip 4
Gold with Black Drip 5
The Caribou Classic is back, with an all new look.

As you may know, we’ve had many different releases of the CLYW Peak yo-yo here at, each with it’s own individual theme and color variation. However, one thing has remained (mostly) constant, CLYW’s trademark splash anodized finish. Not any more!

Introducing the new “Maple Drip” edition! With this version of the CLYW Peak yoyo, CLYW continue to push the boundaries of aesthetics in yoyo design. A departure from the classic splash ano design, CLYW’s new finish aims to create the appearance of paint dripping down the side of the yoyo.

This release of the CLYW Peak yo-yo features 3 different colorways all eye popping in their own right and all featuring the classic Peak characteristics that have made it such a hit. The large bearing, comfortable profile, silicone response and that wonderful floaty feeling that people have come to associate with the CLYW Peak yo-yo!

Get yours today at!


Quantity 30 item(s) available
Manufacturer Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 67.80
Width (mm) 42.26
Diameter (mm) 54.52
Gap Width (mm) 4.14
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 in x .500 in x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Flowable Silicone

Price: $115.00

I can’t help but say fail.

Anyone else?

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Its just another edition of a Peak, not a new yoyo. :wink:


how did i fail

its been out for a while

  1. Its not a new yoyo.
  2. You just copied everything from the YYN website.
  3. You even have the website link at the bottom of your post.

I can’t help but say thats messed up. you don’t have to say it so mean. This is what yoyolvr was talking about in his thread WHY???

And then you had to say,“Anyone else?” And everyone jumped in.

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Lol thats hilarious

But it really was fail…people have to understand you can be mean when you have a good reason.

Yes it was. ;D

I’m not going against the rules. I’m not blatantly being mean. I didn’t do anything wrong.

He made a mistake, Let him be… :stuck_out_tongue:


These Maple Drip Peaks Came out a long time ago, and now a new batch has been sent to YYN

Samad little mean don’t you think…LOL :slight_smile:


when posting people should use common sense, like the op, he shouldve at least read the stuff he posted than he wouldve seen that its just a different color, Samad did nothing wrong and someone else wouldve done the same eventually

You know what guys, It was an honest mistake.
No need to do what you guys did.

Is it THAT hard to say: Hey man, cool, but this is old news. Came out a little while ago. Not really a new throw.
Thanks anyway though!

Rather then saying: Fail!!, who agrees while you leave the poster confused by why you are saying such.

There is no reason to be mean in this situation.

If you can’t reply to something like this in a normal helpful informative way, then don’t bother posting.

Cut it out.



Thanks J.

Very True, This would of been the right thing to do…

cut it out with the bombardment of “fail”

Locking this thread as is before it gets anymore out of hand.


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In before the lock?

Thanks André

Its getting out of hand with all the “FAIL” pictures…


rawr :stuck_out_tongue:

lol guys.