New C3yoyodesign EDOLASS!

The latest release from C3yoyodesign is a high performance bi-metal signature model for Ryuichi Nakamura. The Edolass!

C3 Japan contest team member Ryuichi Nakamura is known for his high speed play with a focus on quick direction change and superior control. He plays at an extremely high level and needs a yo-yo that can keep up, and that’s exactly what C3 delivered with the Edolass!

Modeled after the Atomic Crash and Krown St, this lightweight v-shape throw has some seriously impressive power in play. It moves as fast as you can push it, responds to your slightest movements with ease, and has unbeatable stability and spin power thanks to the large steel rims. Just watch one of Ryuichi’s performances and you’ll get a good idea of with this yo-yo is capable of!

Releasing Friday 6/14 @ 8PM EDT!


I got the prepro and it is RIDICULOUS.

Top 5 best yoyos I’ve ever used. I love the colors as well.

I don’t have moneyyy now there’s this on top of the Vayder :weary:


I thought the meaning of the name would be revealed in the description when it released but it doesn’t.

Is it a reference to fairy tale?

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:man_shrugging: We didn’t get any info on name origin from manufacturer.


I keep reading it as the C3 Legolas


Maybe @walterC3 can chime in on the name meaning! :blush:


How does it play? Also maybe compared to other famous bimetals? (Draupnir or others?)

Actually the first yoyo I thought of when I first played with it was the Draupnir. Plays and feels fairly similar but a little more “tame”

Very powerful. It has a little kick when it hits the end of the string similar to heavier yoyos or really powerful yoyos like the Draupnir.

It can go really fast but it doesn’t necessarily demand speed as much as the Draupnir, you feel more in control of the pace.

It’s a beast.


The name is choice by Ryuichi Nakamura. And it is from his favorite animation - Fairy Tail.


Awesome - thanks Walter!

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Okay why is the Edolass, a 6061 bi-metal, almost $50 more than the Astraea, a 6061 bi-metal, and $25 more than the Krown ST 7068, a 7068 bi-metal?

Because it’s gud

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Maybe it is $25-50 more like a Draupnir than those others? :wink:

(It is impressive to me that, six years later, the Draupnir is still the model against which new performance throws are measured.)

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It isn’t really though. It might be a classic benchmark measure for bimetals, perhaps.

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I had this same question :cry:

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It’s basically a 6061 Draupnir. It has a little less rim weight bc the material is a little thicker

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