C3yoyodesign Edolass yoyo review


Totally underrated yoyo. I didn’t realize the Edolass is that good. Come to think of it, C3YoyoDesign applied to the Edolass the knowledge they’ve gained from evolving the Krown over several years.

They said themselves it’s the best yoyo they’ve ever made and I believe them


It sorta fascinates me that, six years later, the Draupnir is still regarded as the performance king to dethrone.

BTW, does anyone have any photos of the light blue Edolass? I’m curious to see what that finish looks like in more natural lighting environments.

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Agreed about the Draupnir. It was so far ahead of its time.

Here’s a picture of the light blue in pretty normal indoor afternoon sunlight. 20190924_153433