New from C3 - 10 Year Anniversary Special Editions!


These are really cool.


Yeah, I love the look of the double engraving on the 10 year editions. Has a real premium look to it.


The black/purple Edolass has been up for awhile now…I noticed it last week.

Damn it’s a stunning looking yo!

If I ever decide to try a Japanese bimetal it’ll either be the Edolass or Overdrive Draupnir.

I might be missing some but I can’t find any that are normal sized diameter and 45+ mm wide.

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By “any” you strictly mean Japanese bi-metals?

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Yeah. I mean technically the Butter is a Japanese design and the two I named aren’t machined in Japan but I’d still like to try one at some point

I get the sense that 45+mm isn’t really the Japanese style (yet?). They still like normal widths.

Honestly it’s not really normal anymore though. Especially the stuff around 42-43mm. That’s really narrow for current standards.

Well, I consider 43-45mm to be “normal”, 45-46mm to be “wide”, and anything over 46mm to be “too wide” freakshow stuff. :wink:

Yes, I am raging against the ever-increasing waistband of our yoyos…

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My current scale is like this:

Under 44 narrow

44-45.5 average

~46 sweet spot for me

~47-48 wide but not egregious

Over 48- oh lawd he comin’

Isn’t the WA Shutter 48mm wide though…? :thinking:

Yes. That’s why I say it’s wise but not egregious.

Before I tried wider stuff I was on the same page as you. But after trying a decent amount of different yo-yos I’ve discovered that nothing truly starts to actually feel wide in play to me until around 47mm, and even then it doesn’t interfere with play and just makes catches easier on risky tricks.