New Breed and Synergy Caps

Did anyone know you could synergize a New Breed? I just found that out…

the caps fit most yyj yoyoys :stuck_out_tongue:

What size? 1 or 3?

Small (1).

That’s cool…

How bad is the wobble?

It’s not horrible, but it’s definitely noticeable.

HOw could you defile a wonderful yoyo? I gots a Grey body/red rimmed worlds edition!!

Well then I gots a hatin’ fo’ you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry. :smiley:

Here ya go.



I’m not sure to get them for my X-convict cause it mgiht throw of the yo-yo

how do you remove the cap? I used thise suction cups for hanging towels on the wall ad it doesn’t work

haf 2 use duct tape 4 new breed… caps r a little tight

so i SHOULD get synergy caps for my new breed?
couldn’t you file down the sides for the synergy caps so make it a perfect fit?
my computer just isn’t showing up the pictures.
and for the price i think they’re way cool

This is a super necro. Please stop posting on old threads. Any q’s, feel free to PM me :smiley:

Six days isn’t a super necro. It could possibly be a baby necro.

The X-convict caps are even tighter ( I think) it didn’t even come off with duct tape. the only time it came out is when I accidently hit the ground really hard. :o

Look at the date…
August to December.
That’s a SUPER Necro…

Oh that one. Somehow I didn’t see that. facepalm