New Breed and Synergy Caps

so now it’s a big deal to comment on old threads that caught my interest? is it REALLY a big enought deal for you all to cry about? think you MIGHT be over-reacting? think that you could tell me some information that MIGHT help me out? ya think?
sheesh. sorry to rain on yr parade.

Are you kidding?? I used a suction cup, and it comes out first time, every time. (I did find a powerful one but…)

If you post on the ONE YEAR OLD THREAD, that would be weird right??
You should just PM the thread starter…

cry about it.

August to December= Large Necro.


This thread=Dead (or at least should be).

keep going…
cry some more :’(

Im glad we can keep the content of our boards at mature levels…

What Mitch said.

You be trollin.

I know… its like being in Jr High again… No offense to the six of you mature Jr highschoolers… And thats out of the whole country… Congrats… Your six in most likely a billion…

HAH! Not even Jr. High. Like 4th grade maybe.

look at this uproar i have caused! i’m proud of myself. ;D
and it’s funny you say jr high, because i’m in ninth grade :wink:

Never mind… Im retracting my statement… I’m sorry toughkid, I made comments about your immaturity and then continued to make fun of you, only to make myself into a hypoctie.

We should end this while were only so far behind…

yes… okay.
good day kind sir