New Brand November


I challenge you to try out a brand you have never tried before this month. I,for one, want to try out the Deadly Spins Wrath.

That is all.


Yeah, trying out deadly spins, should be at my door tomorrow. Tracking says its at the post office but I didn’t get any mail today, so frustrating. I work a zombie shift too (7pm-7am), so time should fly.


same, deadly spins. Shipped today.


Glad to see all the DS fans, but this month is about all brands you haven’t tried.

I’m also trying to get a CLYW Puffin when it releases.


I know, it’s the first DS yoyo I’ve tried.


Well, go for it! ;D


I’d say look out for 3YO3. The Al5 looks killer. Might have to pick up one for myself.


Done, I tried the Eternal Throw Victory… it was simply amazing.

I will be doing a review of the Wraith as soon as it arrives at the High Speed YoYo bunkers.


I’m with Saintrobyn, I purchased an Eternal Throw “Victory” and could not believe how awesome it is !!!

Without a doubt it’s one of the best throws I have ever thrown under $100.00. I have plenty of YoYo’s that cost far more than the Victory, but certainly do not live up to the performance of the Victory.

I highly recommend grabbing one of these throws before they are gone, or worse yet, before they go up in price.

My hats off to the folks at Eternal Throw.


This thread is killing me.




too tantalizing.


I can’t buy a chief. Waaaaa

(2Sick Joey) #14

Best choice in your life!


Haha I get it now.

I’m sitting on 300 dollars right now just ready to spend it, so I’m not in the same boat.


I’ve heard. Can’t wait!
Oh, did I mention it’s autographed by Andre?


Hmmm, why are you sitting on $300???


Yeah, it would do more good in a bank…


I really wanna try a Foxland Precision throw…


I have the money to buy some throws but I don’t want to spend all of it on throws.