New bearing?

I am looking for longer spin times. What type of bearing should i buy and how much does it cost?

What kind do you have?

curved bearings tend to increase spin times(center trace, twisted trifecta) because the sting stays centered, and does not touch the walls of the yoyo.

There was an article about this(i think Miggy wrote it) explaining how curved bearings increase spin times, yet flat bearings give you tighter binds.

All in all if you are looking just for a longer spinning bearing i would recommend a twisted trifecta (personal favorite)

Right now i have a regular C yoyojam bearing.

What is the difference between a twisted trifecta and a center track?

not much but TT get better reviews most of the time.

Learn to throw stronger and straighter.

Cost: Free.

I’m not trying to be a jerk. This is honestly your best option, because if you don’t have that down, you’re not going to get long spin times. Also, practice playing cleaner as well. Without that, looking for a fix like a new bearing won’t be able to be utilized.

While you’re at it, learn to clean your bearing and decide how you want to deal with it afterwards, such as dry, lightly lubed or Dry Play treated.

Is there a different feel or spin time for lightly lubed vs dry? And i have been practicing my throw but how do i tell if my throw is getting better or if I’m screwing it up more?

Good questions.

Honestly, I’ve found a Dry Play treated bearing spins longer than a bearing with no lube. A lubed bearing will be a touch slower. This isn’t a bad thing, we’re only talking seconds if the lube is done properly.

When practicing your throw, both halves should be parallel to the ground and even with each other, and the string centered and as much as possible, the face of the yoyo should also be parallel to the front of your body. It takes time to get this down, so don’t rush it.

I also don’t recommend just throwing break-aways and front throws just for sleepers just to see how straight your throw is. That gets old fast. Do your break aways and front throws, check and then work on tricks as appropriate. Sometime you just throw right into a trick, so evaluate from a mounted position and see where you are in regards to your throw.

Also, I’m talking from experience. I’ve been there, I’ve done this. I bought a new bearing hoping for more spin time, but it doesn’t work that way. Only by working on my throw did my sleep times gradually increase.

Once your throw is getting fairly consistent, which may take months, then if you want to experiment with bearings, you’ve got a better base line to start from and evaluate. Buy a OD 10 Ball, a Trifecta and a KK and see what YOU like best.

Thank you sooo much for all your input and advice :slight_smile: and i will definitely be working on my throw more than anything right now.

By the what, what is dry play? Ive heard it a lot but i don’t exactly know what it is.

Dry play is a kind of lube. Unlike most lubes on the market which are liquid, dry play is, as the name suggests, dry. The idea being that without the viscous liquid in the bearings, they should be more free to spin.

It is a bit trickier to apply than the regular lube but lasts quite a bit longer (I think it’s a one off treatment but can’t be entirely sure) and works a bit better.


Where would i be able to buy dry lube?

Konkave. Center Trac. OneDrop 10 ball. Trifecta. Hyper Alien Butt Grease Turbo Spinner. All good.

Right here on YYE:


I agree with everyting he said.

On this store

Save your money. Practice your throw.

YoYoExpert sells Dry Play.

I wouldn’t worry about Dry Play right now. It requires using Acetone to clean your bearings and it will take some practice to properly apply. If you mess up, you just clean it out in acetone and start over. It is not a one-off treatment, but you shouldn’t have to do it very often.