New 888 X logo Drawn by Raymond!

Ok, so I drew this up a couple days ago and it took me like 15 minutes for the first eight! :stuck_out_tongue: but none the less, it looks pretty cool, do you think YYF already has the 888 X logo, if not, I’m sending this in! But on the hub stack, the X continues down the sides. The first one is the logo and the second one is a stack. Please leave feed back!

Creative…Amazing, no more words.

What’s the X for?

Looks awesome though.

The X stands for 10 as in 888 2010

Oh right. Awesome man.

Yeah thats really sweet! Both are very creative! nice work. :smiley:

Does any one know if YYF already has an 888 X logo?

IDK…Nice Logo, and the best part is the “x”. LOVIN IT ;D

very creatve, mabey you could work with someone and get it done in some really awesome designs too, but with your basic principal.

Well done. Very creative and looks really cool. I like how you made an 8 with the X. Very nice!


Suuuuper cool. :wink: