New 5a Combo! Mason McCall

Better quality this time!!

I don’t know a thing about 5a, other than I can’t do it very well, but that was cool! Also diggin the mustache  ;D

Dang! That was a quality trick man! Really great flow

Thanks! Still a few elements I want to tweak but it’s almost there!

Thank you kindly!

When I read “New 5A Combo! Mason…” on the forum home page, I almost died.

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I always love your Cccccombos ;D

That was sick.

BTW, that combo was ssssoooooooo smoooooooooooth. I really liked that one. Keep it up

That’s the kind of 5a combo that I aspire to make my 5a combos.



Thats it. Im going to make a hoel in my school eraser and going back to 5A.