New 4A Release from Mowl! The Anarchy!

Mowl is taking a step into the 4A world with a new signature yo-yo for 03 & 07 World Champion Eiji Okuyama! This is the Anarchy!

Eiji Okuyama was one of the early innovators in the 4A division and you can still see his influence on modern offstring yo-yo play years after his world championship performances. This yo-yo is light weight, fast, and built for some serious competition level play!

Weighing in at 73g the Anarchy may sound heavy, but in the offstring world that’s on the lighter side. This makes the Anarchy perfect for speedy play and extended practice sessions. The rounded H-shape profile provides a wide catch zone and excellent weight distribution for risky maneuvers and longer combos.

The Anarchy comes with 2 pairs of extra spacers so you can adjust the gap width to your personal preference for reliable regens and tight binds. An excellent choice for beginner or pro!