Netflix for yo yo's......

We need a service where we can rent any kind of yo yo you want for like a week. A try before you buy service!

That would result in ALOT of yoyo theft…

And damage… which doesn’t give you the right impression when you try it, since it may develop some problems in it’s life as a rental.

Axle stripping, and damage. Which all devalue the yoyo, can cause vibe, and over all won’t give you the right inpression when you try it like Patrick said. And yes, this can lead to tons of yoyo theft. It would be cool, but unfortuantly, it has its flaws that can’t really be worked out.

Nuff said.

It would be cool in a perfect world!

the same thing could happen to netflix movies

Except for the fact that they won’t send other movies until you send yours back. Plus it would cost a fortune in shipping since yoyos are larger than dvd’s. It’s not a practical idea. No one would want to do this and since yoyos are such a niche market, there’s a large chance that you’d loose money instead of making it.

I didn’t know netflix was still sending out movies.

They do.

Ok they wouldnt get stolen because they could just charge u like 20 or 15 dollars a month or watever and use your credit card so if u dont return it they charge ur credit card and if u damaged that made it have bad vibe they could charge u but if it was just a scratch that didnt really affect play they wouldnt have to charge you and that would be super awsome

It would never happen. No one is dumb enough to try.

To get one DVD at a time from Netflix, it costs $9 per month. A new DVD costs about $15. The average new metal yo-yo (at least the most popular ones that everybody would want to “rent”) cost around $100-$120. So, for an equivalent yo-yo service, a company would have to charge a minimum of $60-$72 per month. So, let’s say $65. Plus, packaging and shipping would be much more expensive for a yo-yo, so kick that monthly fee up to about $70, and that’s being conservative. Would you or anyone else be willing to pay $70 a month to rent yo-yo’s? For kids, that’s way too much. Even the parents of spoiled kids would scoff at that much money every single month to not really own something. For adults, that’s equal to a cell phone bill, gas money for a week or two, or a good night out. Not feasible.

Yeah, I know this was a half-hearted joking thread, but I guarantee that some kids out there think this could actually work. I’m just trying to show that it can’t.

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Agreed. Only in a perfect world, but at least at a minimum we can trade. :-\

Awesome, another idea that would never work.

I agree with you. I mean, I dont think its a Great idea, but maybe, just maybe it could work someday somewhere. If you brake or damage the yoyo, all they would do is charge you full price for it. If you get caught keeping a yoyo after the ate your suppose to return it, they can charge them for it. Not trying to be smart or anything, but its not Rocket Science. :smiley: