Need to get $85 before Halloween. Will do package deals.

Hey guys and gals.
I need some fast cash.

Throw together a package you want for $90 shipped!

Prices on the yoyos do not matter. Please offer anything

From top to bottom, left to right.
Black 888, smooth, beat to death like a boss, clear stacks.$30

Summit, has dings all around, smooth, blue, idk what side effects yet $50

Model 10, compgrade, five pinpricks if that, most don’t break ano, aman Ed. Smooth on the string, some vibe on grinds. One cup is slightly yellowish. Blast is kinda flat. $65

Next row we have

Xlr8, red and raw, pair of scuffs, two clusters of pinpricks, has some vibe.$20

Cypher, blue worlds Ed, one invisible flatspot, smooth on string, bearly any vibe on grinds.$35

Hubstack, it’s a hubstack, dare I say more.$10

Protostar, few scuff, smooth as a protostar$15

Popstar, worlds Ed, pinpricks that you can’t feel, came that way. $15

V, damage all around, nothing deep, pretty smooth, no pads $35

Not pictured.
Green DIETZ, minor damage, pretty smooth