need string testers

i have some string i need 3 testers the sting is called cloud 9 pm me or post in this topic if your intrested thanks

im interested
is it first come first serve or what

Ill gladly test

I would like to test some. :slight_smile:

i am interested ;D

The string sounds nice. I hope it’s cool, and successful!

Im interested. I might have some questions so ill PM you

I’ll be a tester if you still need one.

I’m PRO at testing strings. ;D

I would also be interested, if it’s good enough, I might even buy some if you decide to sell (I need something a little heavier for slacks).

im sorry but i have found all the testers i need thanks everyone who has shown some interest stay tuned for the reviews

If you ever have an opening, I am always welcome. I have written reviews before and make my own string. :wink:

me, I already tested buddyjim’s string :wink: