Need testers for my string, mwahahahah?

I’ve always wanted to do this, but never seen my self successful. But then I have seen Metal-man doing it and he isn’t that old, I also have a debit card so I can have my own PayPal. Anyways I need like 5 testers, Ill send you each 2 testers this unknown string I came upon, its purplish red and it shall be 8-ply, and Ill send 2 testers 6 ply cotton string and 1 tester 8 ply cotton. PM me your addresses, after first 5 I’m going to say stop pming, if you PM me after the 5th time Ill just pm you back saying sorry. I’m also going to be posting this in the General Yo-Yo section.

im in

im in too

im in :smiley:

me 2

Yo quiero ayudarlo. (I want to help you.)

Sorry, guys slots filled. I thought no one was paying attention to this topic so I just said slots filled on other topic.

Jerk. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope it turns out well for you.

what about a 6th tester

I might be needing testers again because Im going to buy some poly

Cool. You’ve got this thread to use. :smiley:

Bleh, was going to apply just so you could end up whipping some stuff to Norway :stuck_out_tongue:

Brings back memories from the last time I tested strings.