Need some threading retapped


My Galactic Goose is stripped. Does anybody know someone who can retap it for me (if that is the correct terminology)?


Wha??? Why didnt u tell me?!?

(WildCat23) #3

Contact Landon Balk, 3yo3 on these forums.


I just found out the place I’m working at for the past 11 years own 4 lathes and has all the tools to retap anything (thread savers). I have no clue how to use any of that. Sucks!


What equipment is needed for this? Are there write ups where I may research?


I think it better to contact Landon on this.


To do the job properly a lathe is required, along with the skill to use it. A drill press might do the trick if you’re careful. Probably better to contact someone who knows what he’s doing as noted above.

If you are just chasing the threads you can probably get by doing it by hand. Chasing refers to running a tap into slightly damaged threads to straighten them out. It won’t fix a stripped thread.


I was just curious for knowledge sake, I’ll shoot him a pm! Thanks!