A stripped axle thread - yay.

Yup! So someone gave me a Crucial Confection a few days ago at a meet and while it doesn’t tighten fully, I was still able to manage it to make it as snug as possible. But it reached its limit and the threads [not sure which yet] stripped and now it can’t even screw back together.

So, is there a way for me to fix it? Or do I have to get it retapped? O:
Or can I just get thread sealant like the Loctite products and will that still work too?

Thanks! :]

You can try the loctite or epoxy route but I think w/o being able to snug it up properly there will probably be some wobble. Best to get it re-tapped.

Is there anyone here in the forums who offers retaps? And if so, how much will it be for their service?

I believe Landon Balk does this type of work.

yup he retapped my beef. dont think ive seen him around the forums for a little bit tho

I hear he’s busy these days. You might want to hit him up on his web site directly and see what he can help you with. Good guy.

Get to Landon on Facebook, I hit him up there and got him to Re-thread my Freehand MG, charged me barely anything, and got it done and back to me in 2 weeks :slight_smile: AND i live in the UK :slight_smile:

Haha… that’s my name… :wink:

lol epic