Need some strings? I will give these away

I spoke with @YoYoExpertGarrett to confirm this is okay.


I’ve ended up with a decent amount of strings in the search for strings I like. I wanted to giveaway some of the strings I’ve gathered to someone who needs strings.

I would prefer to give this to someone who needs strings and isn’t able to really get any right now. I’ll pay shipping but I’m limiting this to CONUS. Just leave a comment if you need strings and I’ll do a random number thing.

I’ll probably throw in some extras but not sure right now what might be included.

These are the strings I will be giving away. One comment/entry, one winner.

There’s some Monkey Vines, some HMKT, some Kitty, some MarkMont strings, 99 OT regular strings, some BadWolfe and others probably.

Please only comment if you need strings and are having a hard time getting them.

Thanks everyone.


So…what did you land on that makes you want to drop everything else?


I like Kitty Owen Ekblad. It’s my favorite bulk string.


unrelated but i love your BOW MT3 caps


I’m very happy with them, they’re super nice. I’m waiting for GMK Terror Below. Hopefully the greens match


I need to jump on the wagon for a better keyboard setup. My logitech is embarrassing. :slight_smile:

Where would you send someone who is brand new?

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Hello. I cannot claim that I am a person that cannot afford string. I can say that I quickly realized the importance of this gear and I am overwhelmed. I am doing sampler packs, but not all companies offer those.

I don’t want the whole lot. Save that for the one who needs it. I would totally compensate you for a sampler pack. 2 of these, 2 of those. I’ll cover shipping CONUS easy. You found your favorite. Trying to find mine.


I appreciate everyone’s interest in this but I really am only interested in giving this to people who can’t afford to buy strings, or buy any nice strings, or stuff like that.


I need some strings

I need strings!

What are your thoughts on the HMKT? i recently got a pack and i really really did not like them. one of the main selling points is that they hold tension well and i found they were quite the opposite… they dont hold tension at neutral at all.