Need some help with skill toys.

(Thomas) #1

Alright it’s Christmas time everyone and you guys know what that means! :slight_smile: Presents!! So I’m going to get a kendema,astrojax,and devil sticks. So I need your help on some websites containing these products and could you tell me some products to get started with.!! All help apprecitied.!! :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D Thanks for the help.


Devil Sticks-“OTHER WEBSITE”

“OTHER WEBSITE” also has diabolo and obviously juggling equipment. I have ordered there before, and I recommend it.


I have never ordered there so I don’t know if they are good are not.

For Kendema, you might have some luck at a hobby shop. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s okay to post these websites right?

(SR) #3

Actually Christmas is about 2 months away, but, whatever.


(Thomas) #4

well my mom wants to order it now. But don’t ask me why.

(SR) #5

Do the websites has anything YYE sells? (yoyos, spintops, yoyo accesories)

If not it’s fine.


Well, the one does. lol I got rid of it. Thomas if you need it again just PM me. :slight_smile: