Need some help on my grinds.

So I’m trying to learn these grinds, I can do them sometimes with my Duncan Metal Drifter, but am having trouble with them on both that yoyo and my new Dark magic. The yoyo keeps wanting to bind up when I toss it up.

Btw, I am using yoyo expert Slick 6 strings.

The string really docent have much to do with grinds however sometimes the material of the Yoyo can be the problem. Plastic is commonly “grabby” when doing grinds because the surface is kind of sort of feel sticky. Also is your Duncan metal drifter responsive or unresponsive? Because Duncan’s usually need a deep bearing cleaning to make them unresponsive or a new bearing. For the metal drifter that could be the case. Also for grinds in generally have the slope downwards so the Yoyo will tend to stay down.
Good Luck!

I put the included speed bearing on my dark magic and lubed it with thin lube.

The only thing I’ve done to the drifter out of package is put some thin lube on the bearing. It does bind up sometimes but generally does short grinds on the back of my throw hand, as well as a palm grind. I even landed a few finger grinds with it. I was pretty ecstatic when I landed my first grind, especially since I haven’t yet completely mastered my breakaway. I plan on putting new thinner response pads on the drifter.

I’m just not understanding why the dark magic keeps wanting to bind up, I was given the notion that once the bearing is changed, it is pretty much completely unresponsive.

Now a common misconception is that thin lube makes a bearing unresponsive. Thin lube does the exact opposite it males it more responsive however thin lube helps increase the life Span of your Yoyo bearings.
Also yes almost everyone has fallen under this notion that thin lube makes a bearing unresponsive do not worry the Yoyo will eventually be unresponsive again just it might take a week or so for it to break in.

Oh and a metal drifters bearing is a slim bearing so it’s meant to be unresponsive so just and FYI you might want to change the bearing if you want it unresponsive.