Need some help Identifying these yos

Hello - I am a collector of sorts, although I haven’t purchased any yos in a while. I do have a number that I bought somewhere between 2001 and 2009, roughly, that I have no idea what they are. Pictures below, any help to identify would be appreciated. They are all metal, I assume aluminum.

Thanks in advance,


The one on the far right looks a lot like an SPYY Radian Super Light

Also here: SPYY Radian Super Light

And again here: SPYY Radian collection…

The one on the left I think is a “West Uranium” from a Chinese company named “Hicco”, "

Second to left is a Hari Kiri “EKG” by “Death by yoyo”

middle is a “Cyclotron” by KYO Radiyoactive

4th is a “TFL” (2 fat ladies) by Werrd

5th is definitely a Spyy Radian Super light.

As for worth, the “Uranium” (if it is that) isn’t worth much,

The EKG could be worth a lot, like $100 - $200, I got to try a prototype a long time ago and it was fantastic,

the cyclotron is worth about $30 -$40,

the TFL could probably go for $60-$75,

The Radian superlight is worth the most, maybe up to $300 to the right person.

Woah! A superlight!

Hard to tell from the pics but the left one doesn’t quite look like a West Uranium Black, looks more like an Xcalibur to me.

Yep, I think your right. I think it is an Xcalibur.

Thanks to all. I’m pretty sure that none of them are Chinese knock-offs. This is like an episode of ‘Antiques Roadshow’. (holding hand to mouth)“Oh MY!! I had no idea they were worth so much!!” I really didn’t, but thank you for the information.