Need some help for a fellow yoyoer!!!!!!


Ok I am reaching out to all my yoyo friends for this. We need help to raise some money for the Eli Hops event that is happening in MA on November 3rd.  It is a yoyo fundraiser for autisum.  It’s a good cause and I’m going to step up. As many of you may know I run the NH yoyo Club. For each person that Donates 15$ to this cause I will ship you a NH yoyo club t-shirt. I have limited sizes left so here is a list. Please help out for this great cause and get something in return.

Sizes in black S(2), M(1), L(3), XL (3), XXL (2)
in Gray XL(2)


Oh man, wish I knew about this earlier(like a few days ago), I would have ordered a shirt for sure.

Also, if this event ever hits my area, I’m down for all the sound and lighting services this event needs.


Nh yoyo club FTW!




Thanks studio. Even the smallest donation will go a long way!!