Need some advice for new YoYo supplies...

I have recently decided to become serious about yoyoing. I have been throwing a Velocity ever since I started, and I want to step up.
Here is what I am thinking of buying:
Dark Magic II- $40.80:
Konkave Bearing- $14.50:
25 PACK - Polyester Yo-Yo String- 25 for $5:

Good buy? Worth it? Suggestions for anything else? Please post below.

I just started throwing non responives, I 53 and be throwing for a long time. I have about 10-15 non responsives im my collection. The Dark Masic II and one of the Lyn Furys are what I an throwing the most. I lkie the DMII. tim

You recommend it?

Scrap the KK bearing. It doesn’t do anything to the responsiveness of a DMII. Instead of 25 strings, get 100, because you will be going through them quite fast.
The DMII is one of my main throws, and has been ever since I got it. Personally, I like the clear ones, and then sending it off to someone to get painted. DMII’s are more than worth the money, but like I said, a KK is pretty worthless with them, or any yoyo for that matter.

Alright, so get a DMII with 100 of the strings and no bearing?

Sounds like a great order to get you started.

Alright, gonna order it now :slight_smile:

You won’t regret it. I really like my DMII. It’s the yo yo i pick up every time i go to learn a new trick.

dm II

100 poly string

thin lube…

Final question, dv888 or Dark magic II??? I hear good things about both

dark magic 2 is a yyj bi metal full sized, speed bearing.

dv888 is yyf undersized fundametal , spec bearing

really the dv888 plays better its full metal it also wont have any hint of vibe like most yyj bbimetal have.

i think you should stick with a dm2, wait a little bit before you get a metal

Neither are better players, both are different.
Honestly, just choose one that looks coolest and buy it.

Guess I’ll go with DMII then. Thanks for all the help guys!